Mindful Passive Income
What is Passive Income? Passive income is money you earn with out active working. Often times, it comes from investments, such as in Real estate properties. We work with Investors to purchase multifamily real estate investments. We build equity and work towards generating passive income for investors.
Mindful Assets Syndication
What is a Syndication? A group of individual investors, owners & sellers working together to invest in properties and projects larger than they could handle on their own.
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Mindful Assets Strategy

Mindful Market

We identify the best stable market which meet:
Our Criteria:
Stable Neighborhoods Class A, B & C Over 70 to 400 units Safe Neighborhoods Secondary & Tertiary Markets


We carefully and mindfully evaluate the market, with extensive data analysis. This data consist of looking at Location, Population growth in the past 10 years, Job growth, and crime data. In addition we have a team visit the property and do a full due diligence of the property and the neighborhood.


We find, negotiate, and obtain the the capital and resources needed to acquire the Assets. We work with a syndication attorney to underwrite the asset acquisitions.

Asset Management

After properties have been purchased. We work to Stabilize & Enhance the asset. We accomplish this by making adjustments to management or by adding value to the asset. We work diligently to gain the best rents and returns. We oversee property Management teams to keep the best maintained properties to reach the optimal market rents for the area.

Cash Flow

We work to get the optimal amount of returns for a given market condition. Investors will receive Quarterly updates on their investments

Investor Returns & Exit

We value our Investors. We seek to achieve passive monthly income for our investors and to build our cash on cash return and income to help obtain all of OUR dreams and goals.

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Mindful Investor + Authentic Relationship = Dream Makers